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Information on Life as a Foreign Student

Residential situation in Japan

The rent for a one room apartment or flat in Tokyo will generally cost around ¥60,000.

The rent for a one room apartment or flat in Tokyo is generally around ¥60,000. Many students usually share a place that costs around ¥80,000 with friends.
The amount of 5 or 6 months of rent must be made available in the beginning as the majority of apartment houses request 2 months rent as key money and another 2 months as a deposit when the contract is concluded.

School dormitories or contract dormitories are also available. It is usually easier to spend the first few months in a dormitory.

Commuting to school

Using the train to go to school or the office is the most common method of commuting in Japan. The time schedule is very accurate. Generally it takes about 30 min. to commute to school.
Student discounts are available through student season tickets.


Food and meals

Preparing your own food, ¥30,000 - ¥50,000 will be needed monthly. Eating out can cost approximately ¥700 a time.

Part-time jobs

Students can work up to 4 hours a day if they have “Permission to Engage in Activities other than that Permitted under the Status of Residence previously Granted”, which is issued by the Immigration Bureau. Payment by the hour is generally ¥800 - 1,000.
Students are prohibited from holding a part-time job within 3 months of starting school to ensure that they can concentrate on improving their Japanese abilities. Students will also be requested to give up a job if they do not seem to be able to cope with both work and study.

Sickness or injuries etc.

Students can feel free to consult reception whenever they feel sick.
Medicine is also always available. All foreign students will be obliged to join the “National Health Insurance System”. Under the system students only need to pay 30% of total hospital fees.
If students get injured or injure anyone else in an accident “Insurance for Foreign Students” (all students must join when first entering the school) is applicable to ensure peace of mind.