School, other Facilities and Establishment

Japanese Language School within the Educational Foundation of the Chuo College of Technology Group

This is the sister school of the Chuo College of Technology Educational Foundation, Chuo College of Technology Educational Foundation OSAKA, and the Chuo Animal College. After graduation, students are given priority if they wish to proceed to any of the schools within our group.

Graduate Support System

If a graduate of our school enters a sister school within the Educational Foundation of the Chuo College of Technology group, they will be exempt from the Enrollment and selection fees. However, please note that the system is not applicable to any student that has left a course without graduating to enter another school within our group.


The computer room has 20 computers for students, who can use them not only during their classes but also after school to access the internet or check e-mail.

Scholarship System to Encourage Students

  • Prize for Perfect Attendance: Any student with perfect attendance no late arrivals, and no early departures will be awarded this prize every six months.
  • Excellence Prize: Students who have been enrolled for more than one year and have excellent academic results, attendance records and attitudes will be awarded this prize.
    (Prize is only available to students that will graduate in March.)

Practical Work Experience

We provide practical work experience and school visits so that it is easier for students to select a future career. Students also have opportunities to talk with teachers at vocational plural.

Career Guidance

Special classes are provided for anyone wishing to take the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) or Japanese Language Proficiency Test, where all students are provided with the complete support needed to proceed to the next educational step.
Students also have the opportunities of work experience, and visiting schools or being interviewed by vocational school teachers to make it easier for them to select a career.


Both dormitories and apartment houses are available to our students.

Karuizawa Training Institute

Study Japanese traditions, culture and spirit in a totally natural setting. We aim to put into practice the fostering of education.
We have a complete training and lodging facility in Karuizawa, which is a richly beautiful natural setting that varies with the passing seasons.
Nearby are several other facilities that include the Minamigaoka Art Museum, with its various painted, ceramic and sculpted masterpieces, Sengataki, which is used as a genuine stage for appreciating Japanese dance, Gagaku or Kyohgen. A tea-ceremony room and grounds are also available.
Students will have excellent opportunities to think about themselves through talking about futures with classmates or getting in touch with nature, the arts and cultural traditionals.
You can also learn how to successfully interact with Japanese society by spending three whole days with your classmates and experiencing the importance and joy of working together while training at the Karuizawa Training Center.

Easy Access

It only takes 5 minutes from Tabata Station on the Yamanote Line to get to our school.
Very conveniently located in Tokyo: 10 minutes from Tokyo, 17 minutes from Shinjuku, 36 minutes from Narita Airport, and 40 minutes from Haneda Airport. Shibuya and Odaiba are also quite close.


Miscellaneous School Authorized by the Metropolis of Tokyo

We are a miscellaneous school authorized by Tokyo after having our curriculum, facilities and establishment approved.

Certified School by the Incorporated Foundation of Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education

We are a Japanese language school certified by the Incorporated Foundation of Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education after having our curriculum, facilities and establishment approved.

Student Season Tickets Available

Using a train to get to and from school and the office is the most common way to commute in Japan. Train time schedules are very accurate. Generally it takes about 30 minutes to get to school. Student commuter passes are available for one, three, or six-month periods and can be used from the train station closest to the address printed on your student ID to Tabata Station. (Student commuter passes can be purchased by those who have studied at a designated school for at least 12 consecutive months and have completed at least 700 hours of study hours annually.)