Facility Guide

The exterior

The front entrance area is finished with modern and warm tile, and the logo and name of the Japanese language school affiliated with Chuo College of Technology are written in purple which is the school color.

The back side of the school building with a large round arch is a concrete finish. It gives a sophisticated and modern impression that is different looking from the front side.

Entrance hall

Beyond the entrance of the Japanese language school is a lobby, and there is an office and a faculty room. Everyone greets cheerfully in the morning saying 「Ohayogozaimasu」(Good morning) and 「Sayonara」(Goodbye) when they leave school.

There is an elevator which has a capacity of 15 people located directly opposite the automatic entrance door. Its entire surface is an earthen wall with a taste of Japanese-style which reminiscent of traditional Japanese architecture.

Administration Office

A lot of students come to the administration office every day to consult our staff regarding various things. There are staff who can speak various foreign languages when students need help.

Free Wi-Fi

High-speed free Wi-Fi is available not only in the classroom, but also in the entire building.


The open space lounge is spacious and bright where you can eat and drink. In the center, there is a large table where students can sit and chat. This lounge is a space where you can enjoy your break time and after school.

Students have lunch and talk with friends at their favorite spots in the lounge room during their break time and after school.

Vending machine

Vending machines are available by the lounge on the 2nd floor.

Various kinds of drinks, such as soda, juice, coffee, water and tea are available.

Water heater/microwaves

There are also two microwave ovens and one water heater that are convenient for making cup ramen, your favorite tea, and warming up your own meals.


The corridors on each floor are wide and the walls of the classrooms are all made with glass windows.


There are many kinds of books in the library, including picture books, comics, and novels.

The space where you can study in the library is a large and quiet space made featuring natural wood materials so you can focus on your studies. Many students use it after school.

PC room

There are 20 computers. Students learn typing in Japanese in class.

You can also do research using the Internet about the next school you would like to go to and also there is a fully equipped printer.


On the 3rd to 5th floors, there are four classrooms on each floor, and 12 classrooms total.


The spacious classrooms with bright sunlight have a capacity of 20 people.


All classrooms are 1.5 times larger than the standard.


We offer various types of classes with flexible layout (due to movable chairs).


Although there is no onsite doctor in the school, there is a school doctor nearby. You can rest in a well-equipped infirmary room when you are not feeling well.

Prayer Room

There is a facility where you can use the cleansing manners of Islam, Wuḍū, and where you can be in a quiet environment for prayer, silence, meditation, and contemplation.

Accessible Restroom

One of the restrooms is an accessible restroom so you can live your school life with peace of mind.

It is a multi-purpose toilet with functions that can be used for people with disabilities in addition to wheelchairs.


The restrooms are very clean and comfortable for both men and women with toilets with washing functions.

There is also a convenient powder corner in the women's restroom.